Barco Level 1 Certified – Series 2 RGB+ Laser retrofit

This course provides certification for Cinionic RGB+ retrofit from Xenon to Laser on a Barco Series 2 projector

Descripción del curso

The participants will know how to do every steps of the retrofit procedure from the physical installation to the final calibration. In addition, they will be able to perform the maintenance and do basic troubleshooting. At least 70% of the training will dedicated to Hands-on.


Requisitos previos

Take the on-line High Brightness Safety training: Cinema - Barco High Brightness Safety training

Mercado objetivo

Service engineers.


Course Overview

Day 1

* Introduction to the new RGB+ light source.
* Overview of all components: light source, cooling, power, cablings, electronics…
* Health check procedure before retrofit (quality check)
* Physical retrofit – part 1

Day 2

* Physical retrofit – part 2
* Calibration: brightness, uniformity, colors, macros…
* Network configuration and VPN connectivity.
* Maintenance
* Basic troubleshooting



2 days


€1000 / $1000

Idioma hablado



Barco Level 1 Certified – Series 2 RGB+ Laser retrofit (valid for 2 years after issuance)

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