Barco Level 1 Certified – Installation and Basic Maintenance Smart Laser

Certification for Barco series 2 Smart Laser projectors, installation and basic maintenance.

Descripción del curso

This course provides level 1 certification for the installation, basic troubleshooting and maintenance of Barco series 2, Smart Laser projectors. Over 50% of the course is devoted to hands-on activities. Participants gain the requisite skills to successfully install Barco Series 2 projectors in a theater or exhibitor environment.

Requisitos previos

Take the on-line High Brightness Safety training: Cinema - Barco High Brightness Safety training

Mercado objetivo

Service Engineers


Course overview:

Day 1
  • Digital Cinema introduction: DCI architecture and specifications
  • Overview of the projector’s portfolio: Xenon, Laser, High Contrast Version…
  • Projector Hardware: Elca Box, Light engine, Optics, Lens, Light Source 
  • Communication Interfaces
  • Barco Tool: Lens calculator, Calculator sheet (define the right projector for the right screen
  • Projector installation: site survey, electrical connections, environment (exhaust, ambient air).
Day 2
  • Projector installation: Hands on.
  • Physical connections, mechanical alignment.
  • Alignment to maximum quality (brightness, Uniformity…)
  • Focus, Convergence, Color Calibration, Color Verification, Presets creation.
Day 3:
  • Laser introduction. How does Laser phosphor technology work.
  • Laser Light source: overview of all the components: Laser banks, phosphor wheel, cooling, optics…
  • Highlight on retrofit: remove of xenon components and installation of Laser parts (Light source, LDM, Laser controller Board, Cooler).
  • Focus on Laser calibration: How to achieve best quality for new installations and retrofit? 
  • White point calibration, SCC file…
  • Second Hands on session.
Day 4
  • Updates.
  • Scheduled maintenance: maintenance A, B, C
  • Test: theory (30 questions both on Xenon and Laser).
  • Test: practical part. Purpose: align correctly a projector (mechanical alignment, brightness, focus, Convergence, Colors, Presets creation…).


4 days



Idioma hablado

English / French possible on request


Barco Level 1 Certified - Installation and Basic Maintenance Smart Laser (note: this does not include retrofit). Valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

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